AI for ALL Open Education Summit 2024

Dive into the heart of innovation at the AI for ALL Summit, where inclusivity meets the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence (AI). Our vision is a future where AI technologies are within reach for everyone, fostering an environment of growth, learning, and empowerment through Open Educational Resources (OER).

Tennessee State University - Avon Williams Downtown Campus -Nashville, TN

June 5-7, 2024

Inclusivity in Education AI OER Innovations Enabling a Future Empowered by Open Accessible AI

Summit Highlights:

· Inspirational Keynotes: Absorb wisdom from AI trailblazers across the spectrum of education and careers highlighting innovations, inclusiveness, equity, and opportunities.

· Hands-On Workshops: Experience AI through practical, interactive sessions. Explore AI Impact in STEM, Humanities, Fine Arts (Music, Arts, etc.), Education, Health Sciences, Wellness, etc.

· Engaging Panels: Explore AI's societal implications with top minds addressing policies, legality, ethnical use, ownership.

· Extensive Networking: Forge connections with a diverse professional community and companies.

· Innovative Exhibits: Discover AI's transformative role in various sectors including AI Digital Art Gallery.

Who's Invited

Who's Invited?

Educational Pioneers: Professors, Teachers, Learners, Academic Thought Leaders
AI Enthusiasts: Anyone passionate about the potential of AI

Complimentary Registration:

We believe in breaking barriers; thus we offer no-cost registration to ensure the summit is accessible to all.

Capacity: 400
Registration Deadline: April 15th


Call for Scholarly Presentations

Your voice matters! Present your ideas and research. Collaborate, inspire, and ignite dialogue on AI's role in society. *Selected papers will be published in a special edition by USDLA.

Proposals Submission Outline
Proposal Due: March 31, 2024

2024 Submission Link:

Summit Presentation Themes

· Bridging the Digital Divide: Inclusive AI Education for Global Communities

· Focus: This theme explores how AI education can be made accessible to underserved communities around the world. It promotes strategies for overcoming barriers such as lack of infrastructure, educational resources, and language diversity.

· Sub-themes:

· Affordable and Scalable AI Learning Platforms

· Multilingual AI Education Resources

· Community-Driven AI Learning Initiatives

· Public-Private Partnerships in AI Education

· Innovating Pedagogy with AI: The Next Frontier in Teaching and Learning

· Focus: This theme concentrates on how AI can transform pedagogical approaches and create personalized learning experiences. It looks at the potential for AI to augment traditional teaching methods and cater to diverse learning needs.

· Sub-themes:

· Adaptive Learning Systems Powered by AI

· AI in Curriculum Design and Assessment

· Teacher Professional Development in AI

· AI and the Future of Classroom Interaction

· AI Across the Disciplines

· AI for Educational Equity: Leveling the Learning Field

· Focus: This theme addresses how AI can be used to identify and close gaps in educational opportunities. It encourages discussions on how AI tools can support learners with disabilities and those from various socioeconomic backgrounds.

· Sub-themes:

· AI-Assisted Accessibility Tools

· AI for Tutoring and Student Support

· Data-Driven Insights to Inform Educational Equity

· AI Solutions for Remote and Rural Education

· Supporting Diverse Learners with AI

· The Role of AI in Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development

· Focus: This theme examines AI's role in supporting lifelong learning and preparing individuals for the evolving workforce. It highlights the importance of continuous education and AI's potential to assist with career development and skill acquisition.

· Sub-themes:

· AI-Enhanced Vocational Training and Apprenticeships

· AI in Adult and Continuing Education

· The Intersection of AI, Careers, and Skill Development

· Building AI-Resilient Workforces through Open Education

· Ethics and Governance in AI: Shaping the Future of Open Education

· Focus: This theme delves into the ethical considerations and governance models necessary for responsibly integrating AI into education. It emphasizes the creation of open educational resources (OER) that uphold ethical AI principles.

· Sub-themes:

· Ethical Frameworks for AI in Education

· Policy and Regulation for AI Educational Tools

· AI Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills

· Open Source AI Tools for Education

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