5 Point Scale for Effective Prompt Learning

A.I. Prompt Rubric for Education

Developed by Dr. Robbie K. Melton

The AI-PromptScale Rubric serves the purpose of evaluating and improving the quality of prompts used in AI-based activities for students. It provides a structured framework to assess prompt clarity, curriculum alignment, cognitive engagement, critical thinking, and personalization. The rubric aims to enhance the educational experience by ensuring that prompts are clear, aligned with curriculum goals, foster cognitive engagement and critical thinking, and consider individual student needs and preferences. By utilizing the AI-PromptScale rubric, educators can create more effective and inclusive learning experiences in the context of AI education. *

About Dr. Robbie K. Melton

Dr. Robbie Melton Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Technology & Innovation and is a tenured professor at Tennessee State University. Dr. Melton serves as a global researcher and international consultant for Emerging IOE (“The Internet of Everything”) Smart Mobile Technology of mobile devices, smart phone-tablets, wearables, smart gadgets and tools, and mixed reality of VR and AR. She formerly served as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Emerging Technologies for the Tennessee Board of Regents and the primary developer and chief administrator for the system-wide Regents Online Degree Programs. She currently serves on the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Commission on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education. Her tributes include 2019 USDLA Hall of Fame, 2018, Distinguished Women of Legend, 2017 OLC Leadership, 2016, WCET Life Time Achievement, 2014 Top 30 Technologists, 2013 Apple Distinguished Educator, 2012 Top Fifty Technology Innovator; and 2012 WOW EdTechnology Awards. She was a featured speaker at the UNESCO Mobile Learning Symposium. She is known as an ‘Appologist’, for her extensive research of best practices with mobile devices (smartphone, tablets, wearables, and the creation of a Mobile App Resource Center). Currently serving as the UNICEF Teacher Education Technology Trainer for the Country of Malawi (Africa) in the use of mobile devices with limited internet and power.