Smart Tech

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Tennessee State University Smart Innovation Technology Center (TSU SMART Center) is to serve as a trailblazer for digital innovation, literacy, and education within the University, the broader community, and particularly among Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) nationwide. We strive to champion diversity, equity, and cultural inclusion, recognizing the vital role of underrepresented groups in shaping the future of technology, artificial intelligence, and the HBCU C2 initiative - an endeavor focused on enhancing coding and creativity skills across HBCUs.


Our goal is to augment the quality of education and research in the digital age by integrating cutting-edge technology, creative coding, and open education resources (OER) into teaching, learning, and professional development across these institutions. We believe in fostering a culture of creativity and innovation that respects and values diverse perspectives, ensuring a more comprehensive and unbiased development of artificial intelligence and technological solutions.

We are committed to providing our students, faculty, staff, and community members with the digital skills, coding expertise, and creative thinking necessary to excel in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. This is achieved through a diverse range of interactive and online courses, distance learning programs, technology training, and conducive spaces for collaborative innovation, all enriched by the use of OER to democratize access to educational materials.


As a national hub for HBCUs and a key player in the HBCU C2 initiative, the TSU SMART Center fosters creative and innovative thinking, encourages the development of novel solutions to complex problems, and drives economic and community development. We strive to advance the digital capabilities of HBCUs nationally, supporting their mission to transform lives, prepare diverse leaders, and contribute to community development. In doing so, we underline our commitment to Tennessee State University's mission and contribute to the broader narrative of digital advancement, diversity, inclusivity, creative coding, and open education within HBCUs and the technology sector at large.