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Dr. Robbie Melton featured panelist for Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Meeting

Nov 03, 2023

Dr. Robbie Melton, a renowned expert in the field of technology and education, was recently featured as a panelist at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Melton provided valuable insights into the intersection of technology and business.

Driving Innovation in Education

As the  Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs & Vice President of Smart Innovation Technologies at Tennessee State University, Dr. Melton has been at the forefront of driving innovation in education. She has spearheaded numerous initiatives to integrate technology into classrooms, making learning more interactive and engaging for students.

One of the key takeaways from Dr. Melton's panel discussion was the importance of embracing technology to prepare students for the future workforce. With rapid advancements in technology, it is crucial for educational institutions to adapt and equip students with the necessary digital skills.

Transforming Business through Technology

Dr. Melton also emphasized the transformative power of technology in the business world. From streamlining operations to enhancing customer experiences, businesses can leverage technology to gain a competitive edge.

During the panel, Dr. Melton shared inspiring success stories of businesses that have embraced technology to drive growth and innovation. These examples showcased the limitless possibilities that arise when technology is harnessed effectively.

The Importance of Collaboration

Collaboration was another key theme highlighted by Dr. Melton. She stressed the significance of partnerships between educational institutions, businesses, and the community to foster a culture of innovation.

By working together, these stakeholders can create meaningful connections that bridge the gap between education and industry. This collaboration enables businesses to tap into a talented pool of graduates while providing students with real-world experiences and opportunities.

Ensuring Inclusivity in the Digital Age

Dr. Melton also touched upon the importance of ensuring inclusivity in the digital age. With technology becoming increasingly ingrained in our daily lives, it is crucial to address the digital divide and ensure that everyone has equal access and opportunities.

She highlighted the need for initiatives that provide equitable access to technology and digital resources, particularly for underserved communities. By bridging this gap, we can empower individuals and create a more inclusive society.


Dr. Robbie Melton's participation as a panelist at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting shed light on the transformative power of technology in education and business. Her insights into driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and ensuring inclusivity serve as a reminder of the immense potential that lies at the intersection of technology and society.

As we navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, it is crucial for businesses, educational institutions, and communities to come together and embrace the opportunities that technology presents. By doing so, we can build a future that is inclusive, innovative, and prosperous for all.