TSU SMART Innovation Technology Center

Teaching and Learning with Technology Courses (Credit Hours Earned)

At Tennessee State University, through the College of Education and Department of Teaching and Learning, we offer the following courses in the Immersive Technology Division – TSU SMART Center from the undergraduate to the Doctoral Level:

TELC 2011 – Teaching and Learning with Technology (Freshman and Sophomores) - 3 Credit Hours

TELC 4005 - Teaching and Learning with Technology (Juniors and Seniors) - 3 Credit Hours

TELC 5006 - Teaching and Learning with Technology(Graduate/Master’s Level) - 3 Credit Hours

EDCI 5723:  (Graduate/Master's Level) - 1 Credit Hour

EDAD 6100 - Teaching and Learning with Technology (Graduate/Doctoral Level)

All the courses are between 1 - 3 credit hours, both onsite and online Synchronous and Asynchronous Course Format, and short and full Term. The course explores the transformation of SMART Technologies and our 'Smart Labs' world of digital connectivity using coding and the endless possibilities of creativity and artificial intelligence (A.I.). This course has been designed to use Open Education Resources (OER) of free textbooks and learning materials. The courses are designed to highlight the impact and need for education technology in education, workforce, and our communities. Theses courses are offered every semester in the Fall, Spring, and Summer.

The courses and the weekly programming in the SMART Center bring our campus together, provide social environments, student engagement, and build community in the learning space

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TSU SMART eSports: Where Passion Meets Education

At TSU SMART Center, we believe that gaming can be a powerful tool for education and personal development. Our eSports programs provide students and faculty with opportunities to connect, compete, and learn in a fun and engaging environment. We encourage you to join us and discover the many benefits that gaming has to offer.

Tutoring for All Ages

Our experienced tutors provide personalized tutoring services for students of all ages, helping them excel academically and gain confidence in their abilities. Whether your child needs help with specific subjects, test preparation, or homework assistance, we have the expertise to support their learning journey.

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